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Children’s Books

  • Richard Ballo,, Martin the Mouse and the Firehouse
  • Judi Cobb, Shark Tooth Capital
  • Dr. Robert A Ernst,, Harry and the Kidnappers
  • Bethany Gano,, Lulu the Beaver
  • Patricia Gleichauf,, A Penguin’s World
  • Linda Goudsmit,, Mimi’s Strategy: What to do when your best friend moves away
  • Carolyn Hill,
  • Erin Holzman,, Peri’s Cincinnati Adventure
  • Carrie Koontz,, Scooter and the Muttering Monster
  • Haley Marguerite,, Charlie Takes an Adventure to the Moon
  • Alice Smith, , Sofia the Nurse Shark Book
  • Lucy Tobias, , Wednesday Notes - a book that will make your heart happy


  • Nancy Blanton,, When Starlings Fly as One
  • Mary E. Cosme,, The Oracle of the Sea
  • Wendy Dingwall,, Various Author Mysteries
  • Douglas Ford,, Horror/Thriller
  • JC Gatlin,, Darkness Hides
  • Susan Hartrick, The Memory Keeper - A Book of Friendship for Women
  • Marilyn Howard,  The Writing on the Wall
  • James Kelly,, These Sacred Lands
  • Susan Klaus,, Wolf in the Crosshairs
  • Joseph E Koob II,, Chronicles of Borea, a seven book fantasy
  • Edward R. Laden Sr.,, Lead Story 2-The Beast Conspiracy
  • Eric Martell,, Dustfall
  • Brian McCoppin,, Record of the Palladins: Book of Oliver
  • Eddie J Morales,, Haunted By Life: A Paranormal Coming of Age Story
  • Jim Meyer,, The Sergeant Chaplain
  • George Palmer, CATASTROPHE! The fentanyl scourge in America
  • David G. Radford, Angel Tears
  • Pamela Raleigh,, Sandshell Island
  • Martha Reed,, Love Power
  • Linda Reynolds,, One Deliberate Act
  • Kyle Ann Robertson,, White Picket Fences
  • Richard Rybicki,, The Green Line
  • Oscar Silver,, Tally Ho (Low Hanging Fruit& A Family Business)
  • Nicole T. Smith,, We Have Shadows Too
  • Mary Ellen Springsteen,, Turn Back Time and other Time Travel Tales
  • Randy Suits,, Letters to Eve
  • M. Rebecca Wildsmith,, Verity Easton

Historical Fiction

  • Clarissa Thomasson,, Forgotten Florida - A story of the first settlers in SW Florida 1823-1835
  • Valentina Tsoneva,, "Cursed Beauty: Stories of Strong Women"

Science Fiction

  • MJ Jones,, Black Star
  • Kip Koelsch,, On The Brink of Continuity
  • Fred Line, Lingua Cosmica


  • Yasmine Brown,, Embracing Me
  • Paul Cline, Second Fiddles: A Prime Example of Strength in the Shadows
  • Mary Cosme, Oracle of the Sea
  • Kim Cool,, Venice History Illustration -5th printing Nov 2022
  • Lane DeGregory,, The Girl in the Window and Other True Tales: An Anthology With Tips For Finding, Reporting, and Writing Nonfiction Narratives
  • George Dekle,, The East River Ripper
  • William Dekle,, Flying High With Gringo Billy
  • Joseph Eckstein,, Herby Gets a Life
  • Julie Glynn, If My Ass Were Smaller Life Would Be Perfect & Other Lies the Mean Girl In Your Head Tells You
  • Dr. Lisa R Hassler,, America’s Embarrassing Reading Crisis: What We Learned From Covid
  • Donna Hurlock, MD,, Patient- Focused Hypothyroidism Treatment
  • Richard C. Lyons,, Shadows of the Acropolis
  • Arlene Miller,, To Comma or no to Comma: the Best Little Punctuation Book Ever
  • Dr. Joyce McPeake Robinson,;, The Joy of Knowing How to Learn
  • Barbara Rubin,, More Than You Can See - A Mother’s Memoir
  • Joseph C. Salvo,, I Wiggled My Toes, Hallelujah!
  • Doug Sahlin,, Over Exposed on Bird Key
  • Leon Stokes, Are the Kids OK?

Nonprofit Organizations

  • Friends of the Venice Public Library
  • Literacy Volunteers of South Sarasota County, Nancy Pike, https://www.literacy changes
  • Literacy Volunteers International Cookbook
  • Venice Gondolier
  • Venice Heritage,
  • Florida Sisters in Crime