Children’s Literature

Kim Cool,, “Turtle Tales”
Bob Fuqua, www.sharlife.US, “Fossil Shark Teeth” and “Algae the Alligator”
Patricia Gleichauf,, “Starfish Gazing”
Holly Moulder,, “A Time to be Brave”
Brenda Spalding,, “Sailing Away to Nod”
Jane Streit,, “It’s Claire, Pierre and Cher”


Margaret Beck, “A Passport for Personal and Professional Success”
Bob Fuqua, www.sharlife.US, “Fossil Shark Teeth” and “Algae the Alligator”
John T. Reardon, “A Soldier, a Sailor and a Marine Walked into This War” and other books about World War II
Bayne Stevenson, “Passages in Past Tents”
Clarissa Thomasson,, “Venice Dreamers: Bios of 41 Men and Women Who Impacted Venice, FL”
L. Tobias, “Circle of the Center Labyrinths of Florida”

Fiction and Science Fiction

Lucia Barrett
,, “I’ll be looking at the Moon”
Sharon Buchbinder,, “Eye of the Eagle, Hotel LaBelle Series, Book 2”
R.J. Coons, “Missing”
Susan Klaus,, “Shark Fin Soup”
David Mather,, “Raw Dawgin’”
Donally Miller, “The Devil’s Workshop”
Linda Reynolds,, “Deliberate Acts”
Maris Soule,, “Echoes of Terror”

Science Fiction:
Jane Ann McLachlan,, “The Sorrow Stone”
Eric Martell,, “Cyber-Witch”

History and Historical Fiction

David Abraham, “Osceola and the Seminoles”

Historical Fiction:
Nancy Blanton,, “The Earl in Black Armor”
Holly Moulder,, “Time to be Brave.” Historical fiction for children.
Clarissa Thomasson,, Historical fiction for all ages

Nonprofits and Writer's Organizations

Friends of Venice Public Library Inc.
Venice Heritage Inc.
Suncoast Writers Guild Inc., represented by Lina Decrescenzo, Harry Barnes and Eileen Collins