The committee would like to thank all the authors who signed up to participate.
Please check out their work on their websites listed below. 

Children’s Literature

ABC Robert Coons, Stolen Orchid

ABC Brenda Spaulding, Blood Orange

ABC Lucy Tobias,, Circle the Center-Labyrinths in Florida

Alice Smith,, Scuba Zak Searches for Thadeus

Amy Fell,, Legend of the Magical Book

Bill Mulcahy,,  Zach Stands Up, Book 5 of Zach Rules Series

Clarissa Thomasson,, Venice Dreamers

Daniela Barrera,, Girl with the Whispering Shadow

Donna Boock,, Kinzie’s Kinventions

Erika, High Flyer Series

Erin Holzman,,  Peri’s New York City Adventure

JM, The Mommy Dot and coloring books

Kim Cool,,  Ghost Stories of Fort Myers

Patricia Gleichauf,, Sea Turtles Circle

Richard Ballo,, Martin the Mouse in Santa’s House

Sue Erwin,’sclaire, Seek and Find ABC

Terri Bechtold,,  For Infinity and Beyond

William Dixon,, Restored by Grace -A Journey Like No Other


Arlene Miller,,  the Best Little Punctuation Book Ever

Capt. Eric Schiller,, What We Don’t Know

Gervice R. Suits,,  Letters to Eve

Joyce McPeake, The Joy of Knowing How To Learn

Kevin Mooney, www.leprechaunInc. com, Turning Up The Light: Four Steps to Brighter Management

Randa Roberts,, Get the Real “Skinny” O healthy Weight Loss Meal Planner, Recipes and Shopping Guide

Robin Nutter Coleman,,

Sady Prindle,,  Booth’s Confederate Connections

Shirl Smolko,, Adventures of a Psychic Nurse: Spirits Everywhere

Robert Lucas,, The Complete Guide to Ocean Cruising; Everything you need to know for a great vacation

Fiction and Science Fiction


Dana Brown,,  Call Me Charlotte

Dan Meier,, The Dung Beetles of Liberia

Eleanor Tremayne,, The Mermaid’s Grandson

Emma Palova,,  Shifting Sands: Secrets

Evan Bond,, Echos of the Past

James Kelly,,  "I Am A Soldier First and Always," the Distinguished Career of Winfield Scott Hancock

James Earl McCoy, The Wizard’s Kid

JC Gatlin,, Hangman

Joanne Hughson,, Magic & Mayhem

Rena, Loving Gia to Death

Richard Rybicki,, Bottom Feeder Blues

Sonny Kenyon,, TIBY Trilogy


Brett Arquette,, Operation Hail Storm

Eric Martell,, Pirates of the Asteroids

Kip Koelsch,, Delphys Rising

Mary Ellen Springsteen,, Turn Back Time and other Time Travel Tales

Nonprofits and Writer's Organizations

Venice Heritage Inc.
Suncoast Writers Guild Inc. Gloria Arthur, Pam Heady,
Literacy Volunteers of South Sarasota County,
Sarasota Authors Connection, Wolf in the Crosshairs
Salman Hayat,, Religious Books
Florida Gulf Coast Sisters in Crime,
Florida Authors and Publishers Association,
Friends of the Venice Public Library,


Document Publishing, Swamp Archaeologist