Literacy Volunteers of South Sarasota County - (non-profit tent handing out literature)

Florida Gulf Coast Sisters in Crime, Inc. - (non-profit author group)

Sarasota Authors Connection - (non-profit author group fiction/science fiction)

JoAnne Hughson - Fiction - Titles: Shattered Lies, Shattered Dreams

James Kelly - Fiction - Title: I am A Soldier First and Always, The Distinguished Career of Winfield Scott Hancock

Rena Koontz and Jessica Zellman - Fiction - Koontz Title: When Push Comes To Shove. Zellman Title: Odenata Vampire SER

Eric Martell - Fiction - Title: Dustfall

Arlene Miller - Nonfiction - Title: To comma or Not to Comma

Brenda Spalding and Anne Easter Smith - Fiction/Children - Spalding Title: Deadly Bargain, Smith Titles: A Rose for the Crown, This Son of York

Jeanelle Cooley - Fiction/Children - Titles: Out of Italy, The Bait Man, Turtle Point, Escaping Skeletons, Christmas Cookie Mysteries, A Place No One Should Go

Irene Brammertz - Fiction/Children - Title: Found-One Woman’s Story of Loss Through Adoption

Randa Lee Roberts - Children/Nonfiction - Title: Get the Real Skinny on Healthy Weight Loss

Henry Duggan and Jane Kirschner - Fiction/Children - Duggan Titles: Silver’s Odyssey, Savannah on Fire 1820, Kirschner Titles: Annabelle(from Sanibel) Soars to Sarasota, Hear dat?

Carrie Koontz - Fiction/Children - Title: Scooter and the Muttering Monster

Patricia Gleichauf - Children - Titles: Dance of the Dolphins, Coral Gardens, Sea Turtles Circle, Starfish Gazing, Horses of the Sea

Kim Cool - Children/Non-fiction - Title: Turtle Tales

Clarissa Thomasson - Fiction/Nonfiction/Children - Title: Venice Dreamers

Lucy Tobias - Children/Nonfiction/Religious/Inspirational - Title: Wednesday Notes- Sharing the View From My Window

Franklin Hill - Children - Title: Wings Within

Joyce McPeake Robinson - Nonfiction - Title: The Joy of Knowing How to Learn

Andrew S. Peekstok - Children - Title: Creative Creatures Coloring Book

Deborah Madar - Fiction - Title: Dark Riddles, Convergence

Michele Amador - Fiction/Religious/Inspirational - Title: Finding the Real Road

Kevin Kuhens - Fiction - Title: Terror’s Sword.

Richard Ballo - Children/Nonfiction - Title: Grief 50 Questions and Answers

Doug Ford - Fiction - Title: The Beasts of Vissaria County

Elizabeth Randall - Nonfiction - Title: An Ocklawaha River Odyssey

Erin Holtzman - Fiction/Children/Nonfiction - Title: Peri’s Cincinnati Adventure

Mary Ellen Springsteen - Fiction - Title Turn Back Time and Other Time Travel Tales

Vincent Scarsella - Fiction, Science Fiction, Nonfiction - Title: Pardon Me and The Lawyers Gone Bad series

Edward Laden - Fiction - Title: Lead Story 2 and The Beast Conspiracy

Ann Ernst - Children’s - Title: Harry Saves Wreck

Marilyn Howard and Doug Sahlin -  Howard's Nonfiction Title: The Writing on the Wall, Sahlin's Fiction Title: Overexposed on Bird Key

Tom Williams - Nonfiction - Title: Deducting The Right Way: Untangling Small Business Accounting & Taxes

Carlene Walker and Judy Cobb - Walker's  Nonfiction Title: Online Dating After 50,  Cobb's Children’s Title: Shark Tooth Capital, Finding Fossils in Venice

Sherri and John Snoad - Nonfiction Title: Welcome to the Otherside: Reclaiming Life after Surviving and Caregiving Through the Abyss of Cancer

Venice Heritage, Inc. - Nonfiction Title: John Nolen Plan Venice, Florida

Helen Berg - Nonfiction Title: What is Love?

Patty Nelligan - Childrens Title: Peppy Up

Venice Gondolier - Nonprofit