The 8th Annual Venice Book Fair and Writers Festival
takes place March 16 in Blalock Park from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

The former venue, Centennial Park, is not available to us this year due to road construction in downtown Venice. Blalock Park is a few blocks away, across the street from the Venice Community Center, Venice Library, Venice Art Center, and Venice Museum and Archives, which is one of the beneficiaries of the event. The Farmer’s Market is about three blocks away on Avenue des Parques, west of Venice City Hall. While not in the center of downtown, the new venue will allow us to have more tents for participating authors. All the tents will be placed along a sidewalk, so no one has to walk in the grass to get to a tent.

Tents will be assigned as they are reserved. The first deadline for tents is November 1, 2018. Each 10-foot x 10-foot tent may be used by one or two authors, at $150. After February 1, 2019 the cost goes to $175, if tents are still available. Between November 1 and February 1, tents may be reserved for $150 if any are left. Most authors will want to reserve a tent by November 1 to ensure they have a place at the book fair. Each tent will include an 8-foot table and two folding chairs. Authors must provide their own table covers and booth identification signs. As in the past, we plan to have the students available to help get books to and from tents.



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